Aaron H. Kim @W12ard of Oz Experiments


Why @W12ard of Oz experiment?

wizard of oz experiment is a research experiment in which subjects interact with a computer system that subjects believe to be autonomous, but which is actually being operated or partially operated by an unseen human being.

@w12ard is my tweet id and I am a computer programmer living in Oz(Australia). I find that it is inevitable going through lots of wizard of oz experiments until getting the program finally work all autonomously. But, isn't anything worth in life hard to achieve? This is a space for me to remember those bloody worthy experiments and learning along my experiments.

What do I cover?

Professionally, I work as an Integration Specialist focusing on application/data integration technologies including BizTalk, Azure Logic App, Azure Service Bus, Azure Data Factory and most recently Tibco and Mulesoft ESB. Yes, integration is what I do, what I breathe in and out. Thus, most of my posts will be about those subjects but also about my other technical interests.